Fresh Start For Fall

Welcome to my renewed website!

Previously a blog on general musings, this space will now be dedicated to my writing endeavors. This journey has been in-progress for nearly a decade, albeit admittedly, much of that time was spent self-doubting, futilely attempting to squash distractions, and wishing I could magically know what path would lead to success free of the faltering and missteps so commonly made by inexperienced writers. And I am remarkably inexperienced, having never so much as taken a college-level creative writing class.

But there’s something uplifting about embracing your shortcomings, and even better, there’s something thrilling about daring to chase a dream that by all measures should be well outside of your reach. For me, it’s the test of whether sheer grit and determination and perseverance can win out even without the benefits of an applicable education or connections in the industry. For me, it’s the opportunity to do something that would be meaningful and fulfilling and that could be a way for me to leave my mark on the world.

I can’t promise to post often, but I will share news here if and when there is news, and I will post here if and when I’ve learned something (even if it’s the hard way) that might help other writer hopefuls avoid some of the pitfalls I have and am likely to continue stumbling into along the way. For now, I believe major edits are done on my manuscript, and it’s time to introduce this world and these characters that I’ve created and loved so faithfully for so long to the querying process. Wish me luck!

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