Prison State

I am currently seeking representation for my debut novel, PRISON STATE, a near-future adult suspense novel.

Edie Lawton has always dutifully suppressed her true feelings about the new autocracy’s dismantling of civil liberties and reproductive rights for women. And for good reason. Those who speak out are arrested as “agitators” and are permanently incarcerated within prison states: once-prominent cities, decimated in a war with Iran, walled off to isolate convicted criminals and political dissidents alike. 

When Edie discovers that her mother’s reported death years prior was likely a cover-up for her arrest and imprisonment, Edie wants to know what and who her mother was involved with. But tracking down people from her mother’s past is as risky as looking into a government cover-up. Edie can choose the safety of leaving her mother’s past alone or she can join her mother’s Resistance group to find the answers she seeks. A dangerous assignment befriending a DOJ employee may hold those answers, but Edie will have to sacrifice her job, her relationships, and maybe even her freedom to uncover the truth of her mother’s past.