Prison State

I am currently seeking representation for my debut novel, PRISON STATE, an adult suspense novel with commercial appeal and dystopian elements reflective of the country’s current political and social climate.

Evie Lawton is having a very bad month. Not only did she awaken handcuffed to a hospital bed, reeling from injuries sustained in a brutal attack, but she was also subjected to interrogations and torturous testing thinly disguised as therapy. The inconvenient case of amnesia she developed isn’t helping matters either, and if the holding cell she’s currently trapped in and the looming trial are any indication, her circumstances aren’t about to improve. With an autocratic regime, the justice system is far from impartial, conviction is almost certain, and the punishment for any crime is unforgiving – lifelong incarceration in one of the country’s barbarous prison states: once-prominent cities decimated by war, now walled off to isolate the prisoner population. Evie’s desperate to recuperate her memories and clear her name before the trial, because once imprisoned it will be inconsequential. Once imprisoned, her only concern will be if and how long she can survive the elements, and more perilously, the other inhabitants.